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Only 9% of UK employees are engaged

In the latest Deloitte survey only 9% of UK employees were engaged and would go the extra mile for their company… ever wondered what the reality is in your company?  Well, now you can for FREE… Fill the form to get started

Why do we undertake this valuable work on your behalf pro bono? Well, number 1 it’s important and becoming aware of this key challenge in your business is the first step of the solution. Secondly, we’ve invested £1 million in the exclusive UK rights to a solution developed in Australia which is delivering 267% average increases in employee engagement in SMEs and 367% average increases in large companies.

Unsurprisingly, some directors who commission the FREE survey to find out the actual state of play in their organisation find the results so compelling, they go on to invest in an Engage & Grow programme. Whether that’s you or not, we’re happy to help get you started. One thing’s for sure, the business coaching profession’s founder Brad Sugars is spot on here when he says, “the biggest risk is to do nothing”… so click here and take the right action for your organisation.

300+ Licensed Coaches

The lifeblood of Engage & Grow is our talented coaches. They exist to help businesses engage in a more meaningful way no matter the size or industry.

80+ Countries

Since starting in 2012, Engage & Grow has expanded to six continents and more than 80 countries to truly become a global movement.

1000+ Programmes Ran

It does not matter what industry you are in, what role you play or what size your business is, the Group Activation System is having a big impact!

30,000+ Engaged Employees

This is what we live for… turning under-performing staff into fully engaged employees. Nearly 30,000 and growing every day, we believe in the individual.