Richard Maloney is the founder and creator of Engage & Grow and explains what employee engagement means to him.

With Richard’s non-traditional and unique ‘Group Activation System’, he initially helped 40 sporting teams to grand finals and 32 going on to win premierships. From many years studying the motivations of the brain, and through trial and error over the course of 9 years, he blended the development systems he had implemented in sport to business. From here Engage and Grow Global was born, achieving instant and overwhelmingly successful results in SME, corporate and government businesses around the world.

Richard is the author of “Minds of Winning Teams” – Creating Success Through Engagement & Culture and a co-author of Engage & Grow Book and video series, with three other global thought leaders.

Richard is passionate about helping people thrive in all aspects of their life. He has focused on helping businesses improve mental wellbeing, culture, engagement and leadership. He has been recognised as a finalist in multiple business awards over the years.

what employee engagement mean to you

What does employee engagement mean to you?

Employee Engagement is about individuals who are eager to get up in the morning, participate in society and do something that’s bigger than them. They understand their role in the big picture.


How do you measure employee engagement?

There are many surveys that we use ourselves. One of them is very short and simple measures the percentage of people who love working in the business. The questions are about relationships, reward & recognition, growth and use of their potential.


What are the common causes of employee disengagement?

Lack of relationships makes people become strangers to each other even though they sit side by side every day. The management becomes disconnected and everyone ends up working for themselves with no common view.


What are the drivers of employee engagement in today’s world?

The first thing is we need to mend those relationships. We need to show people they are not alone and they are all craving the same thing. They need to realise they are much stronger when they work together and they can accomplish more.


What makes an effective employee engagement programme?

We have developed the 6 steps to an Engaged Team, first, you need to evaluate and know exactly where your team is at. Then it is about getting their buy-in. Most programmes fail today because people are being told what to do. After that, we need to unite them through reinforcement of relationships. Once we address that we are ready to align them so they work towards a common goal. Once that’s in place, you able to get to stage 5 that is engagement. The final step is growth which is continuous improvement.


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